FIB 2008

in Amsterdam

Concrete structures

New Solutions for Our Society

International fib Symposium 2008, May 19th until May 22nd

In 1998 the last FIP Congress was organised in Amsterdam. This event meant the official end of FIP and the start of fib, resulting from the merger of FIP and CEB. Now, 9 years later, we can conclude that the merger was a good decision. The new co-operation between scientists and practitioners proved to be an enrichment, leading to new ideas and initiatives.

Working together in an international context is nowadays a basic condition for progress. The considerable developments and challenges in a fastly changing world ask for a bundling of forces and a common approach. In the area of concrete and concrete structures many changes can be noted. New types of concrete challenge the imagination of designing. Ecological constraints stimulate the implementation of life cycle design. Maintenance and upgrading of structures move to the centre of interest. Buildings are not only designed for safety and serviceability, but as well for flexibility and adaptability. Design of performance based materials and structures will develop to a new general strategy.

It was felt that Ten Years after would be a good moment for organising another international symposium in The Netherlands, evaluating the past and exploring the future.

The most recent developments in Concrete and Concrete Structures?

Visit the official fib symposium 19 22 May in Amsterdam.

Venue: De Meervaart

The call for abstracts caused an enormous number of abstracts: 394 from 46 countries all over the world. After careful consideration of the Scientific Committee (members from the USA, Australia, South Africa, South America, etc.)

155 papers will be Orally Presented and 55 papers will be presented via Posters.

For an impression about the content the following figures:

42 papers about Innovative Materials, 28 about Codes for The Future, 19 about Life Cycle Design, 23 about Developing a Modern Infrastructure, etc.

For Young Engineers there is a special arrangement:

If you are younger than 30 years old and you or your company is a member of fib you will get a reduction of the symposium fee of € 300,-.

Also the exhibition will show the last information from Suppliers, Software companies.

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